The Bootcamp

Get control of your tech to reclaim your time and boost your business success

“CRM? To do list? backup? cloud services? syncing? tethering? mobile working? time tracking? file structures? browsers? notifications? updates? collaboration? business email? security? passwords? Help! There is too much tech to get sorted!”

You just want to get on with your work in the most efficient way possible. You need to make sure your data is safe and business protected should something go wrong. But everywhere you turn there are new tools and different advice on what to use. That’s enough to make anyone feel stressed about IT.

“Isn’t technology supposed to help me work smarter?”

Yes it is and yet we easily get overwhelmed with choice of cloud tools paralysed for fear of getting it wrong. But with the right setup you can save hours a week. This bootcamp is designed to give you both the tools and the techniques to boost your productivity.

“I wish someone could just sort this all out for me”

We combine done-for-you implementation, training, support and troubleshooting to get the technology you rely on into shape.

Give us four weeks and we’ll set you up with everything you need.

I simply couldn’t run my consultancy as successfully as I do without their support

Martin Campbell, PR consultant

Working with Francesca and Nazz is an absolute delight: they always find a solution that works and fix everything, usually before something goes wrong.

Florence Parot, Sophrologist

Do you have days like this?

You’re running a busy consultancy juggling full days of client work and business admin. You are run off your feet. Emails are constantly arriving and you are checking them across a number of devices. Notifications follow you everywhere. Often your emails don’t sync and you lose track of what you have replied to and where! You get frustrated that it isn’t easier to work on the go. You’d love to use an online calendar but it doesn’t always update and so get double booked and still carry around a paper diary just in case. Your contacts are scattered between a range of accounts and you’d like to be able to have these at your fingertips. Password resets slow you down because you loose track of logins. You did have a structure for your documents at some point but things have slipped. It would be a total disaster if any one of your devices failed on you. You’re often found Googling tech challenges and are for ever in search of the perfect tool to help you get organised. You feel overwhelmed and inefficient. You’d love to throw your tech out the window and start again.

Let’s face it. An overhaul of your sytems is well overdue.

You’d like a complete tidy up. You want the support of a small friendly team who know you and your business and who you can trust to match you up with the right services. You want someone to help you get it all done.


Welcome to the Digital Dragonfly Bootcamp


I was spending hours trying to solve my own IT problems

Emma Taggart, Coach and Facilitator

Digital Dragonfly takes the worry away from IT issues

Penny Macfarlane, Art Gallery owner

The Bootcamp is for you if:


  • You are looking for tailored advice and best-practice based on our extensive experience of working with hundreds of other solo business owners just like you.
  • You want a mix of done-for-you implementation, one-to-one training, strategic advice, hand-holding and access to a 24/7 helpdesk.
  • You are looking to work with friendly humans who get to know you and your business (and not a self-study course with online modules and worksheets) and no more do-it yourself guesswork.
  • You are ready to invest in your business success and your personal productivity by getting your systems and workflows sorted.

Having someone expert I can rely on for help with anything, big or small, makes a big difference to my ability to get on with running my business.

Rob Woods, Fundraising Consultant

Would recommend her services to others unreservedly. Francesca has been very patient which has got us to a great place with our IT

Sally Palethorpe, Change Management Consultant

Wouldn’t you love to save hours a week? By the end of The Bootcamp you will be doing just that.

We’ll make sure that you:


  • Are able to stay connected with clients and prospects with reliable email that syncs across all your devices
  • Have a good structure for your data so you can find what you need on any device and get to work
  • Can easily and securely access your online accounts
  • Have the right tools in place to track your to dos, prospects and clients. And we like to do this with the least possible number of apps and services.
  • Have an easy system to capture, store and retrieve information and ideas
  • Feel confident that your backup is reliable and that your business can keep running no matter what goes wrong
  • Know how to keep your setup secure and in good shape going forward


  • Sleep well knowing you have peace of mind that your tech is under control

They are really proactive and knowledgeable and because they are a virtual team, they really get what I do.

Lia Parkinson, Virtual Assistant

The peace of mind knowing that everything is now set up in the best way possible is worth every penny

Sheila Woodbridge, Designer and Brand Consultant

How does it all work?

We run Bootcamps six times a year. We work with you one-to-one during this period via remote access and calls.  2017 start dates are:

9 January

27 February

24 April

5 June

11 September

6 November 

We work with you one-to-one for 4 weeks. You get a further month of helpdesk support to make sure you settle into your new setup without any hiccups.

The amount of time Digital Dragonfly saves me and the sanity they give me is worth their weight in gold

Meghan Faye, Wedding Planner

They make things very easy to understand for a non-IT person

Siobhan Casey, Interior Designer

Everyone’s journey will be different but a typical example would look like this:

Week 1

  • Nazz will give your computer a proper review with our IT healthcheck


  • Francesca will do a Teardown and session planning slot with you so dates go into the diary and you know exactly what we aim to achieve during the Bootcamp.


  • And before we do anything else let’s sort your backup so you know all your data is secure no matter what.


Week 2


  • We’ll do what it takes to get your data in the right places so you can seamlessly work on the go (think documents, calendar, contacts etc)


  • You’ll love your inbox by the end of this week. You’ll know how to best manage your inbox with techniques that suit you (and not just the latest fad). Francesca loves sorting out email so be warned.


  • We’ll even move your emails to a more reliable cloud based system like Office365 or G-Suite. Nazz is a whizz at making sure your emails are all synced up and safe in the cloud. You’ll be sure your business emails are running in a reliable and professional way.


Week 3


  • Francesca will spend time with you to look at how you work and come up with productivity techniques you can apply to your day to day challenges


  • We’ll make sure your workflows are simple and integrated


  • We’ll match you up with the righ tools to get organised and stay on top of your work


Week 4


  • Expect a catch-up session with Francesca to review progress and see what’s outstanding or where further training is needed.


  • We’ll come up with a maintenance plan for you so you know how to keep your systems in tip top shape going forward


  • Unless you sign up to our on-going monthly support Francesca and Nazz will hand you over to our 24/7 helpdesk who will be able to help you with any troubleshooting over the next 30 days as you settle into your new routine.

Well worth the investment to save me the time and frustration

Helen Amery, Executive Coach

Francesca came to the rescue to unpick the problems I’d created and to streamline my systems.

Jenny Costelloe, CRS and Sustainabilty Consultant

Francesca and her team have saved my bacon twice when total disaster struck!

Jane Disborough, Jeweller

I need a new computer can you help?

Sure. If you let us know we can do the buying advice before the start of the bootcamp so that you order and get your computer in time for the start of the Bootcamp. We’ll then move everything across for you.

I’m too busy. What if I don’t have four weeks?

We run 2 day intensive versions on request. Just email

What if I need help after the bootcamp is finished?

  • You will have access to a 24/7 helpdesk for 30 days after the end of the bootcamp.
  • If you want to keep working with us and have access to a helpdesk as well as direct time with us for on-going consultancy, strategic advice, monthly topics, on-going maintenance and troubleshooting we offer a Technology Monthly service which is designed to continue seamlessly from the Bootcamp. You can read more about it here.

How much does it cost?

£997 + VAT for the 4 week Bootcamp (includes FREE helpdesk support for 30 days after the end of the bootcamp.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes we have a package of 12 monthly payments which includes the 4 week bootcamp, 12 months of unlimited helpdesk support and on-going access to the Digital Dragonfly team for consultancy, training and strategic advice for £140 + VAT per month. Basically the Bootcamp + Technology monthly services bundled into simple monthly payments. This is what most people do. All our payments are handled via GoCardless. 

I’m interested. What happens next?

Great! Let’s find out if you are a good fit for the Bootcamp by having a quick call. This package isn’t right for everyone so I always like to make sure you’ll get the most out of it. Simply schedule a call below:

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